Are you aware of the new Whiplash Reforms?

New rules have been implemented in England and Wales to crackdown on fraudulent insurance claims, aiming to save more than £1 billion for motorists.

Road traffic accident claims are more than 40% higher than in 2006, with more than 550,000 claims made in 2019-20 alone, with a large number of those exaggerated, fraudulent and embellished claims.

New rules on car insurance claims for whiplash have come into effect with the aim to cut the high number of fraudulent road accident claims. Ministers have stated that the new rules will allow insurers to cut premiums for millions of drivers by around £35 a year. As a result medical evidence will also be mandatory for all future whiplash claims.

Online portal

A new digital portal has been introduced to allow motorists to make a claim for any road traffic-related personal injury valued at under £5,000, including claims for whiplash.

It is therefore intended that a majority of road traffic accident claims should be dealt with using this portal in the future.

Motorists will need to submit medical evidence to the portal before any settlement can be made, in the hope of reducing fraudulent claims.

Are you unsure on how to make a road traffic-related personal injury claim from now on? Speak to a member of our team for more information on what to do going forward.

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