Directors & Officers Insurance

“The core purpose of a Directors & Officers policy is to provide financial protection for Managers against the consequences of actual or alleged “wrongful acts” when acting in the scope of their managerial duties. The D&O policy will pay for defence costs and financial losses”

We recommend that you should have a D&O policy. They are inexpensive and quick to arrange and are a vital part of you and your business’s protection.

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Typical examples of D&O claims are:-

Divorced team take director vs. director action

A husband and wife team equally owned a successful business. Following a messy divorce the wife accused her husband of deliberately mismanaging the finances to distort the true worth of the business. This is commonly known as director vs. director and is on the increase as business pressures mount – Total costs amounted to £75,000.

Machinery without safety cut offs

HSE prosecutions followed serious injuries to a machine operator who was clearing a blockage on a stamping machine. There should have been safety cut off stopping the machine operating when the access panel was open, but this was broken or disconnected. Defence costs £25,700.


Action against the directors of a manufacturing company by the Health and Safety Executive following their refusal to respond to a notice to control dust emissions. Directors failed to respond within the set deadlines, so action was taken against both the directors and the company. Defence costs amounted to £110,000 with a further £60,000 in reserve.

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