Safety Tips for Driving in Dangerous Flood Weather

With the continued wet weather we have seen this month we’re sharing some simple measures to help you stay safe whilst driving.

Driving conditions have been particularly hazardous recently, so preparing for the weather is essential for you to arrive at your destination safely.

Fire and Rescue Services have advised:

 If you do come across flood water, please do not drive through it. You will get stuck and you could endanger the life of yourself and others.

Driving through flooded areas risks damaging your engine, leaving you stranded. If in doubt, don’t drive through flood water – yours and other people’s safety is most important.

If you find yourself unexpectedly in deep water, keep to first gear and move forward immediately to avoid stalling your engine. Keep your revs high and depress your clutch when you need to.

Test your brakes after passing through the water to ensure they are still working effectively.

Know your vehicle’s capabilities; don’t attempt to drive through deep water and risk getting stuck.   

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