Why you could invalidate your cover by making improvements to your home

There’s a considerable amount of value in extending or renovating your property as a homeowner, yet one aspect that can get overlooked during all of the excitement is making sure you eliminate the risk of underinsurance. 75% of new homebuyers will make changes on a property once moving in, more often than not failing to take those changes into consideration when obtaining their home insurance policy or not updating their insurer.* 

With many buyers missing out on the recent stamp duty holiday, it’s expected that more of us will plan home makeovers to suit our needs instead. 

If you’ve recently had or you are currently planning on having major building work done, such as adding a conservatory, converting the loft or adding an extra bedroom, you must receive planning permission and all work must be carried out following the correct regulations in order to avoid invalidating the cover on your home. It is also worth remembering that even if the work carried out on your home is completed to the correct standards, you will still need to notify your insurer of these changes.

When the original cost of your premium was calculated, this figure was based on the value of your home at that time and the potential rebuilding cost. If the value of your home were to rise due to improvements, you could be under-insured, and your cover may become null and void. This also applies to any new constructions outside of your home such as garages and sheds, as your building insurance should cover both your home and outbuildings. If you plan to work on your home, you should contact your insurer before any work begins, provide them with as much information as possible and be sure to ask if you need to make any changes or increase your cover for the duration of build. 

Don’t forget to double-check your contents insurance at the same time, as your possessions may not be covered if they were damaged during the construction process. 

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(*Co op Insurance)

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