10 Reasons for Personal Accident & Business Travel Insurance

It is often thought that personal accident injuries just apply to work injuries and accident and health claims involve long and drawn out investigations.

Here are 10 reasons you may need Personal Accident & Business Travel Insurance:-

1. Personal Accident insurance helps to protect a business’s most important asset – its people. It helps employees return to work after sustaining a bodily injury.

2. Including this insurance can enhance a company’s enrolment package and not having any could mean that prospective employees may feel they would be unprotected.

3. This type of insurance can cost from as little as £100 per year, whereas a total cost of a claim could be thousands of pounds.

4. Employees can be rehabilitated more quickly to be able to return to work. This can vary from physiotherapy to being retrained.

5. Any type or size of business can be accommodated, regardless of employee numbers or turnover.

6. Employers’ Liability is there to focus more on the fault of the employer, whereas Personal Accident insurance focuses on the employee and getting them back to work.

7. Personal Accident cover can be settled quickly and benefits paid direct to the employer.

8. 24 hour Personal Accident cover can be purchased for both occupational and non-occupational accidents.

9. The impact can be large to the profitability of a business if one or more employees are unable to work. This insurance can support the financial costs in respect of employee wages or temporary staff hire.

10. Business Travel insurance provides cover and support for employees anywhere in the world, covering a wide range of cover such as repatriation, medical bills and an emergency medical assistance operating 24/7, 365 days a year.

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