Preventing Slips, Trips & Falls in the Workplace

Slips and trips are the most common cause of major injuries at work and can also be the causes for a range of other accident types such as falls from height. Most slips occur in wet or contaminated conditions. Most trips are due to poor housekeeping. Solutions to these are often simple and cost effective so a suitable risk assessment should be carried out to identify the necessary measures needed to be taken and put into place. Such an assessment should include: 

Prevention of contamination and good housekeeping

Management of spillages and cleaning regimes

Choice of suitable footwear

Maintenance of plant and the work environment

Specification of appropriate flooring

Effective training and supervision

Continuance of regular risk assessments

Falls from height are the most common cause of fatal injury and all industry sectors are exposed to the risks presented by this hazard although the levels of incidences obviously varies considerably. These events arise usually due to poor management control rather than equipment failure. This can include: 

Failure to recognise a problem 

Failure to ensure that safe systems of work are followed

Failure to provide safe systems of work 

Inadequate information, training, instructions or supervision 

Failure to use appropriate equipment 

Failure to provide safe plant/equipment

It is therefore important for regular risk assessments to take place to ensure that accidents from slips, trips and falls can be avoided wherever possible by placing measures to manage high risk areas effectively.

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