Flood Flash – Specialist Insurance from Neil Willies Insurance Brokers…….. New rapid-payout flood insurance, custom-built to keep you in control

Whether you can’t get cover, have a large excess or just want a top-up to your existing policy – there are plenty of reasons to choose FloodFlash for your business or commercial property.

Fast –
We pay out the full value of the settlement within days of confirming a flood, so you can recover quicker. 

Easy – FloodFlash claims don’t come with long paperwork or lots of haggling. We just confirm the flood and pay out the agreed amount. 

Flexible –
Control your trigger depths and payout values or even make your premium cheaper by raising stock or installing flood defences. 

Three simple steps to controlling your recovery, rapid-payout flood insurance is changing the way that businesses recover from flooding. Here’s how it works: 

1 Select:
choose the trigger
depths and their
payout values for
your cover 

2 Install:
our engineers
pay a visit and install
a mobile-connected

3 Settle:
when a flood
reaches the
agreed depth,
we organise payout

For more details follow this link – intro film explaining the product – or for advice and a quote contact  Justin on 0800 542 0672 or email sales@neilwillies.co.uk

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