Insurance for the Leisure Sector

As the leisure sector is slowly reopening post Covid-19 lockdown, it is important these businesses know what cover they should have to fully protect themselves. Even despite the additional risk levels from the pandemic, there are so many other risks to take into consideration too. Here are the top types of insurance you need to know about.

General liability

General liability will provide coverage if you or your employees, products or services are negligent. This cover will also protect your business from claims by consumers whilst on your premises. This insurance is especially important for businesses that hire independent contractors, like personal trainers or therapists. You need to make sure they can provide a certificate of insurance with general liability. They then need to add, with incidental medial malpractice coverage, you as the employer as an additional insured.

Professional liability.

This cover will protect against negligence claims on the part of your employees performing on your behalf, including therapists, dietitians and trainers.

Equipment breakdown coverage

If your gym’s workout machines, kitchen appliances, air conditioning units or any other equipment breaks then this cover can protect you from expenses incurred from any loss caused. For example, if there is a vending machine in your lobby and it breaks, this may cover the loss of the food and drinks due to spoiling.

Business interruption cover

Should your gym have to be closed for a long period of time due to unfortunate disasters, this insurance can safeguard your leisure business against some financial losses associated with being unable to operate. There has been a lot of questioning around whether the coronavirus pandemic is covered by this policy. As you are all aware businesses were forced to close due to the Government guidelines. This policy would look like you’d be covered due to the circumstances, however because the disease was only identified in early 2020, it is extremely unlikely that it will be accepted on the policy.

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